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Survey Markers and Concrete Form Stakes are manufactured by B & H Engineering Inc.

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“When we initially looked at the form stakes, we really liked the sleek design and the feel of the concrete form stake (being lightweight).  Our only concern is with the durability of the concrete form stake.  Our concern involves driving the stakes into the ground.  We have a lot of contractors that drive these stakes into the ground using a sledge hammer and if they are driving these stakes into the ground using a sledge hammer and hit a rock or very hard ground, what is going to happen to the stake?  Have you noticed any wear and tear or breaking of the form stakes?  That is our only concern.”  

We addressed this question:  Please visit our video to see our response.

I though you might like to know that I tried your concrete form steaks on an extensive commercial project and pleasantly discovered how easy and effective the Plastake is to use. I have been a die hard steel steak fan for about as long as I can remember. I didn't think there could be a better way to tie forms and bracing to the ground, but Plastake definitely is better. The stakes drive into irregular ground easier and straighter with less effort. An additional benefit is that I noticed that hammering on the Plastake is easier on my hand than pounding on the steel stake.  Once in the ground I also discovered that as they are screwed to the form and/or brace the unique flat surface (brilliant concept by the way...) helped considerably to stabilize the form/brace to which it was attached. In every way this stake is superior. I wont go back to steel!

Hope you have tremendous success,

Scott H.

"Project Pro" Fox 12 Northwest 

“I purchased the 36” Survey Markers and they are a good product and work great.”

Victor V.

New Fairfield, CT

36” Survey Markers

“The Survey Markers work fine, we like them, they are light weight which is good for packing on long trips up the hills. At this point we would suggest no changes.”

“I teach biology at Hillsdale College.  I use the survey markers to mark trapping grids.  My students and I trap small mammals (mostly native mice) and record demographic data and collect tissue for DNA analysis.  Our grids are usually laid out so that each station (each survey marker marks a station) is 20m from the others.  We place a trap or two at each station.  I will trap 3 – 4 times a year for, I hope, several years.  In the past I have used wooden stakes, but wanted to try something different.  So far we really like the survey markers. They go in the ground easy and are easy to find.   A few were run over by a 4-wheeler and were not broken.”

Jeff V.

Biology Teacher, Hillsdale College

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